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Love Your Fitness Business Breakthrough

Business Mentorship Strategy Session

With Dragonfly Owner, Renah Jones

A great fitness business grows from the inside out. Not the other way around.
  • Know your priorities and core values. This will be your operating system.

  • Align your training and memberships based on your philosophy and ideal client.


  • Focus on the people. Make sure your business has a heart.


Don’t just have a business, have a community. These ladies are for one another. And they are for Dragonfly. And I am for them.

 I show fitness pros how to authentically grow their business into a business they love using grassroots, heart & human-based strategies.

This is different from so many other programs because it’s for growing fitness pros who want long-term, lasting business results and a heart-based business that reflects who you are and the lifestyle you want to have.

Unlike other programs that tap into your fear and scarcity and encourage big discounts to gain new clients, I will help you tap into your uniqueness and best abilities to serve others so you can build a business you love.

Most importantly, and because it’s something I did not do when I first started my business, I’ll help you build your business around the LIFE you want to live. We’ll do this by simplifying, creating systems and services with clarity and making decisions based on how they may impact your daily life.

"Working with Renah in this mentorship has been a really grounding experience. I've hired business coaches before and this was the first time the LIFE I wanted (not just the business I wanted) to live was taken into consideration. She is a breath of fresh air in this industry and really helps you to align your business to YOU. I walked away having a more clear sense of who I am as a business owner and want for myself to be able to use that as a filter in all of my business decisions.

This investment was priceless for me. I made back my investment before the mentorship was even over and walked away feeling secure with how things were set up to continue to have manageable growth. I am very excited to continue implementing everything I learned from Renah and her mentorship!"

-Holea Charles

When building a business there’s always trade-offs… learn from my mistakes!

My coaching combines a unique blend of human-ness and grassroots business strategies that I used to grow my own fitness business.

It’s pretty awesome to be helping other fitness pros grow their studios, gyms and business! And I’m coaching in a way that took me years to figure out…

To have the business AND the life you wanna have.
My coaching is for:
  • Gym and fitness club owners, coaches who own their own business (and work out of a small or big box gym), and yoga studio owners/instructors…who have a focus on group training/fitness

  • Serious fitness pros committed to doing the work

  • A small business owner who wants to increase their revenue without working 80 hour weeks

  • Anyone who wants to love their business and live their life

What I can help with:

  • Core Values + Priorities

  • Services, Pricing & Memberships

  • New Member Process

  • Your Ideal Client

  • Building Your Community

  • Membership Retention

  • Marketing Basics

  • Progression-Based & Annual Programming

Ready to have a business you love? Let’s talk!
Email for more info.


  • Pre-consult questionnaire

  • 90 minute strategy call to address your top two needs

  • Written plan for next steps

  • 7-Day Voxer access for follow-up questions

Want more coaching? I also offer an 8-week personalized mentorship.

Renah kbs.jpg

About me

I have been a business owner and coach for 10+ years. And boy has it been a learning experience! I changed careers at the age of 37. (My past life included running the community outreach department & foundation for the St. Louis Blues.) I am by nature a workaholic, a dreamer and a doer. But I went from perfectionist to a pretty good-ist, lol, after a few years of running a business.

I’m proud to be a StrongFirst Level 2 Certified Instructor, wife, animal mom and animal rescue advocate. I’m a proponent of getting your mind right, creating your own destiny and enjoying your days (don’t wait until that special thing)!

I feel that some of my biggest business accomplishments are making it ten years with Dragonfly, raising/donating more than $130,000 to charities over that time, finding the space to volunteer regularly, and changing my whole perspective about business over the past few years.


Why am I doing this?!

  • I struggled a lot with everything in my business!

  • I had to work my way into success the way I wanted it. 

  • I NEVER considered what I wanted my life to look like when I started my business and that was a mistake I didn’t know I was making until I was burned out multiple times and had to face the reality of the love/hate relationship I had created with business.

  • I’ve been able to maintain a high client retention averaging around 96% and an average member lifetime of about 3 years WITHOUT a lot of fancy stuff and without a huge social media presence (for those of you who do not aspire to be a professional social media’ers).

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