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Or maybe you stepped on the scale the next day, and whoa!

Here's a fun fact... You should know that the weight and the puffy feeling is water. (You didn’t just gain five pounds of fat in one day!) Along with the carbs comes even more water. For every one gram of carbohydrate stored in the body (as glycogen), your body also stores about 3-4 grams of water. (And if you had a processed carb kinda day then sodium can also increase water retention.)

It should also go away within a few days, of course assuming it’s an occasional event.

I love carbs, but this also explains why I feel much better when I keep them in check!

Now, if you are dealing with ongoing bloat it's not always just one thing. For example, this is my favorite frozen pizza. It's gluten-free, but still has carbs. However, it does not make me feel terrible when I eat it.

A not-so-fun fact...I have had several months of bloat in the past, but I was not eating a bunch of highly processed foods. It was actually some good-for-you foods causing it. And it was a *new* thing for me, not new foods. (Was it weight gain or bloat? Is this just how I am going to feel now? I wasn't really sure what was going on to be honest.) However, I did some detective work and the busted can feeling is gone.

My points...

💧Expect a little water weight after a heavy carb day. Don't panic.

🕵️‍♀️But if that not-so-great feeling persists, do some detective work if you really aren't sure what's causing it.

🍕And if you are like me and still want to eat pizza and what not without feeling bad, find some alternatives you can enjoy.

Just listen to your body!

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