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Intelligently designed programming, instead of random workouts, that can be tailored for your fitness level.

Private Training

An individualized program and coaching specifically for you by a coach who will take into account your goals, 


 Workshops are offered for members and others interested in fine tuning or learning new skills.

Black Dog Fitness

Kettlebell workshops and training for fitness enthusiasts and coaches. Profits from sales and services are donated to local animal shelters and rescues.

Renah kbs.jpg
Business Mentorship

With Dragonfly Owner, Renah Jones

Mentorship and one-time strategy sessions for growing fitness pros who want long-term, lasting business results and a heart-based business that reflects who you are and the lifestyle you want to have. Unlike other programs that tap into your fear and scarcity and encourage big discounts to gain new clients, I will help you tap into your uniqueness and best abilities to serve others so you can build a business you love.

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