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Why Having a Personal Trainer May Be Your Best REMEDY

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

By Deb Siewing, Friend & Former Dragonfly Coach

Do you ever wonder if you need a Personal Trainer or what a Personal Trainer can do for you?

Personal training is truly an investment in your own health and well-being. It can be just the REMEDY you need…

Results Stuck at a plateau? Not seeing the results you want? Having a personal trainer can be a great choice. Your trainer can help with results – either reviewing current goals or developing new ones; creating workouts and plans directed toward your results; ensuring your actions and expectations are aligned.

Encouragement Sometimes we just need to know we are ok. Your personal trainer will believe in you even when you may not believe in yourself or when you are feeling defeated. They are there to encourage you during your journey.

Motivation Give me a M! Give me an O! Give me – well, you know. A personal trainer is there to give you what you need. Wouldn’t it be great to just wake up and want to exercise? Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t get discouraged or bored? Everyone is motivated by different things and a great personal trainer will assist you in staying motivated and committed to your goals. Heck, hopefully there will even be some FUN involved.

Essentials I see people walk up to a machine at gyms and just start using it– same weight as the person left it, using the same bad form that the previous person was using. With a personal trainer, you benefit from the necessary ESSENTIALS or the 4E’s… the trainer’s Expertise, Experience, Efficient workouts and using the right Equipment.

Dedication Most of our best work comes from being dedicated, and that is also true in fitness.  There’s a giant gym billboard boasting “$10 a Month- NO COMMITMENT!” How successful can that be? Being dedicated to yourself and your goals is important and a personal trainer can assist you with keeping that dedication and building healthy habits.

You  It is all about you!  Personal training is just that – PERSONAL!  A personal trainer is your partner during your session. YOU receive specifically designed workouts that are aligned with your goals and can also target areas of limitations, weakness, injuries or concerns. You receive immediate feedback and there are no distractions.  YOU are important!

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