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April Member of the Month

Congrats to April Member of the Month, Keleigh!

Coach Denise nominated Keleigh this month and for very good reason! Read more below!

Ever since I met Keleigh she has been in a good mood. She brings energy to each class she participates in. Every member she trains next to, or comes in contact with, she welcomes with a smile and a little “been there, done that” advice.

She has been working very hard in CARDIOSTRONG this year. She rarely misses a class, and she gives it her all on each exercise.

She works hard, dances a little and laughs a lot.

Thanks for being you Keleigh!!!

We asked Keleigh some questions about her experience at Dragonfly and this is what she had to say:

What separates your experience at Dragonfly from other gyms/workouts/things you’ve tried in the past?

Appointment setting is key. And all women is a huge bonus. So many gyms are happy to take your money, yet not keen on helping you progress. Dragonfly actively seeks to better each person who comes through the doors, no matter what the journey or where they are on it. Can you get that elsewhere? Methinks not. Plus the all women aspect allows me to have bedhead and be okay with it (although I may want to poll the class. I don’t mind my bed-head, but do they?!?!?!)

What motivates you to be consistent with your training?

So many things keep me coming back. A) My friends are there, and I want to see my friends. B) It’s super fun and really sets the rhythm for the rest of the day. C) I don’t want to disappoint my coaches. I like being able to show that I listen and learn. D) I want to get really good at it. I like working on form and being strong, so that if ever I need to defend myself or my kiddos, if I hit you, you’re gonna feel it. Dumb, yes. True, kinda. And E) (are we on E yet?), I really want to be a bomb rower. Something about that apparatus makes me want to conquer it and get that split time down. I will persevere.

Share with us something that you are proud of from the past few weeks or months.

Well, news flash, I have quite debilitating social anxiety (note the pale complexion of the girl who stays indoors). I recall that first class when signing up, when you learn form and all the newbies get together before being released into the wilds of Wodify. I was shaking the whole time and left in tears, I was so scared and nervous. My first few weeks I was quiet and fearful, and then I learned that all the coaches and members are there for the same reasons I was. No one was judging me. No one was competing with me. And no one was taking themselves too seriously to not have a good time. I can 100% point to Dragonfly as helping me with some of my anxiety and personal fear. I could completely plateau with my progress (which I won’t), but you can’t take away the mental health that Dragonfly has provided. Physical AND mental health facility, y’all!!!

Thanks, Keleigh! We’re happy you’re here!

Keleigh was nominated by Coach Denise for Member of the Month! Each month Dragonfly coaches nominate members who are standing out, overcoming obstacles, and giving it their all. It’s always a hard choice to decide upon one!

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