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February Member of the Month

Congrats to February Member of the Month, Erin!

Erin is a regular in our 715A Strength classes. That might not be her favorite time of day but she shows up and works hard! She’s pretty quiet but when she chimes in it’s usually something funny.

She has worked around a shoulder issue and a recent back issue but kept on with modifications that felt good and helped her stay consistent. It’s been fun to see her get more confident with the movements and get stronger! Way to go Erin! We asked Erin some questions about her experience at Dragonfly and this is what she had to say: What separates your experience at Dragonfly from other gyms/workouts/things you’ve tried in the past? I never really knew what I was doing at other gyms, but everyone is so friendly and helpful at Dragonfly! We love when y’all celebrate & share your accomplishments – big & small, inside & outside the gym. Share with us something that you are proud of from the past few weeks or months. I remodeled my laundry room on my own! What is something that used to be intimidating at the gym but now you love it and/or how might you encourage others that might be nervous? I remember at my first class I laughed to myself because I thought there was no way I could do some of the moves but I was wrong! Also, increasing weight/reps is so rewarding!

Thanks, Erin! We’re happy you’re here!

Erin was nominated by Coach Missy for Member of the Month! Each month Dragonfly coaches nominate members who are standing out, overcoming obstacles, and giving it their all. It’s always a hard choice to decide upon one!

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