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July Member of the Month

Congratulations to July Member of the Month, Lauren!

Lauren was nominated by Coach Missy who says, "Lauren is a bada$$!" Lauren is consistent with her training and gives it her all every time she's in. She challenges herself with the heavier lifts (she's working on a few goals right now!), is always willing to try the next progression of an exercise, and cheers on and inspires her fellow 6AM gym buddies as well. I love seeing Lauren get stronger!

Here's more about Lauren!

What separates your experience at Dragonfly from other things you've tried in the past? Dragonfly is the first gym I’ve joined where I participate in an organized class. Previously, I worked out in gyms where I had to be self-motivated and since having children, I found it hard to stick to a schedule and determine my workout plan. What I love about Dragonfly is the guided classes, I don’t have to think. The exercises are planned for me, the equipment is there, and I just show up. This is the first gym where I’ve had coaches to guide me and force me to focus on form and mobility instead of just muscling through a lift. I love the women in the class with me. They motivate me to go for heavier weights and show up to class weekly.

What motivates you to be consistent with your training? First it was the financial commitment that motivated me to use all my classes monthly, then it was all the Dragonfly members and coaches that continued to motivate me. Personally, I thrive off routine and I love completing a workout first thing in the morning so that my day is already successful. I enjoy starting my day with such amazing women even if it isn’t written all over my face at 6am. I like creating good habits and once they’re engrained in my routine I hate to break them. It’s a promise to myself. 

What's something that you are proud of from the past few weeks or months? I started at Dragonfly so that I would be financially motivated to exercise routinely. I wanted to feel capable and like myself after having two children. Honestly, that’s what I’m most proud of since becoming a member of Dragonfly. It’s not the weight being lifted or the reps, it’s feeling like me. It’s loving me and my strong body and having confidence in myself. I’ve never felt this confident in myself and I attribute that to Dragonfly, its members, and coaches in motivating me to spend time on bettering myself. My short-term goals are to hit my pre-children max bench, squat, and deadlift. After that, I just want to keep improving.

Congrats and thanks for being such an awesome member Lauren!

Each month Dragonfly coaches nominate members who are standing out, overcoming obstacles, and giving it their all. It’s always a hard choice to decide upon one!

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