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Member Spotlight: Kelly Brennan

Updated: May 17, 2023

We’re spotlighting Kelly Brennan!

Kelly has been a member for 6 years and credits Dragonfly for saving her life! We loved hearing about her life as a business owner, a proud grandmother and an advocate for senior dogs. Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

A little bit about me:

I’ve been coming to Dragonfly about 6 years now. It has improved my quality of life in so many ways.

I own Studio Visage Salon on Hampton Ave. I’ve been doing hair for about 33 years now. It is a pretty brutal profession for your body. Coming to Dragonfly has helped ensure that I am going to be able to keep my body and bones strong. It has also helped improve my posture. And I can continue doing what I love and call it work. I also see my chiropractor and massage therapist on a monthly basis, a lesson in self care that took me far too long to learn. I think that being a member at Dragonfly has given me more confidence to take time for myself and create a better work/life balance. I am a people pleaser by nature, but my needs are first now, or at least second. Lol!

I have two amazing daughters, Rachael and Karli (most of you know Karli) and two grandsons. My oldest grandson is 9 and he was a big part of my motivation to get active and strong. I wanted to be able to play with him, get down and back up off the floor. A simple goal, but something I couldn't do well when I started here. I had been so focused on working and building my business, also going through a divorce, and I let my self care go right out the window. I was too busy trying to take care of everyone else. My health suffered because my mind was not in the right place. Dragonfly has me surrounded by strong amazing women. Women who lift each other up and it is powerful.

I’ve gone ziplining in the forest in Nashville with my daughters. I could not have physically done that 6 years ago… I would have missed an amazing experience with them, if not for Dragonfly. I’m so grateful I walked through those doors, scared outta my wits that they were gonna tell me I had let myself get so bad that they couldn’t help me. Or that I would be so bad at it that I would quit.

When I was young I played competitive softball. I continued to play ball until I was about 37, when I tore my ACL. I quit playing ball and took up golf sort of half heartedly. My aunt, who was about 78 years old at the time, encouraged me to join her golf league and I fell in love with the game! Strength training played a big part in the improvement of my game. Strength training, even though I couldn’t lift the heavy weights initially, has helped me get more distance with my stroke. I’m also more flexible and have better range of motion in my shoulders now.

Kayaking is a fairly new hobby for me. I wouldn’t have ever tried this without the mobility I have gained from Dragonfly! I also love to travel and see live music. Often times combining the two.

I have two senior dogs, Bentley & Gracie. They are 12 year old Yorkie mixes.

I volunteer at Second Chance Ranch 8 hours a week. It’s a rescue and hospice for senior dogs. I’ve always loved animals, so finding a gym with an owner who is passionate about dogs was another bonus to being a part of this community. Renah inspired me to do a little more to give back, so I started volunteering. It is so rewarding to be a voice for these dogs who have been dumped or lost their owners when they were in their senior years. Helping them get a second chance fills my heart with some really great stuff!

Lastly I just want to say, I tried the $20 a month big box gyms, I never went. At Dragonfly, the other members and the coaches have made me comfortable. I hope they never kick me out!!! (When they sent out the memo about cardio strong being more athletic I thought they were telling me I needed to go. Lol. Missy can confirm.)

To sum it up, I’m pretty sure Dragonfly saved my life!

Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

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