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September Member of the Month

Congrats to September Member of the Month, Maggie S!

Coach Julia nominated Maggie this month and here’s what she had to say about her…

“She’s the strong silent type who is always working hard, challenging herself, and making the greatest faces while lifting heavy weights. She gets after it, quietly but with ferocious energy.”

We asked Maggie some questions about her experience at Dragonfly and this is what she had to say:

What separates your experience at Dragonfly from other gyms/workouts/things you've tried in the past?

There is consistency at Dragonfly with 8-week programs that I did not get at other facilities. These other facilities would demonstrate how the equipment worked and you were left to your own devices. I can’t say enough about the coaches at Dragonfly, whether it’s teaching technique, good form or just laughing with us. It’s great to see others working hard even if they are just beginning a training program or have been working out for years. The community at Dragonfly is very welcoming and supportive and you never know when you will run into someone you work out with.

What motivates you to be consistent with your training?

Consistency is all about change and I like to see the changes to my body but also my mind. I look forward to the classes and will admit some days are better than others. Working out allows me to do the things that I love to do, gardening, hiking and traveling.

Share with us something that you are proud of from the past few weeks or months.

I had never rowed before and I could not get my rhythm or breathing down. After much instruction and doing the drills on the rower, it has become easier for me. Also, keeping your heels down was a game changer for me!

Thanks, Maggie! We’re happy you’re here!

Maggie was nominated by Coach Julia for Member of the Month! Each month Dragonfly coaches nominate members who are standing out, overcoming obstacles, and giving it their all. It’s always a hard choice to decide upon one!

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