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Weighing In On Happiness

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

By Deb Siewing, Friend & Former Dragonfly Coach

THE SCALE– Daily friend? Weekend foe? Monthly menace? Since I started my life weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds 3 ounces, I’m not sure if the scale has ever been my friend.

In my opinion, this “how much do I weigh” question can be a burden. In Missouri, this info is on our lovely drivers license and it must be renewed at times. So, what percent of people have the correct weight on their driver’s license? When I’m asked this info, I feel like I’m answering a question on the Price Is Right …. Bob (yes, I’m still a Bob Barker fan), Bob, I’m going with between 140 and 150. (crowd claps loudly, a few groans, man in back yelling “higher, higher”– remind me to find him after the show!) Why is it the question of weight can be so heavy?

To only use a scale as a means of “weighing in on happiness” can be scary! Remember the old slide weight scales– officially known as the Physician Balance Beam Scale?

You had those two weights- heavier one on the bottom and the lighter smaller adjustable one on top to “slide”. The bottom one was in 50 pound increments and the top one moved in 2 pounds. You’d step on the scale (after removing coat, shoes, socks, toe rings, maybe your belt if they weren’t looking), then you’d watch that dang balance bar move up and down. Or worse yet, it stayed up and the nurse would have to start moving the weight upward. Then it would happen…. It got to the end and then THE BOTTOM HEAVY WEIGHT HAD TO BE ADJUSTED!! NOOOOO!!! There goes my happy feeling, or so I thought.

I’ve decided that a number on a scale is not going to define my happiness!! How I feel is very important. How’s my energy level? How’s my sleep? How are my clothes fitting?

Yes, I do think it’s good to keep an eye on the prize, the goal, the weight range. I believe the number is a target. I have goals- I’d love to see a certain number on the scale… but I decided that the number and target will not define me or my happiness.

Even during holidays, I will enjoy and partake and do so without guilt. I will do this by making good choices….. continuing to work out at Dragonfly Fitness, running, portion control, sleeping, and smiling.

I’ll weigh my happiness in different ways — friends, family, love and health…but I’m sure I’ll still keep my eye on my goal.

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