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10 Years of Dragonfly: Meet Dannette

This year we are so honored to have FOUR women hit a huge milestone with us! They celebrate their 10 year anniversary at Dragonfly this year! Up Dannette!

Dannette grew up in the east-central Illinois area where she taught high school business and community college courses. She has lived in St. Louis for the past 30+ years, where she worked as a software trainer at two local law firms, and eventually moved into IT as a project manager at Washington University.

Dannette met her husband out dancing ~23 years ago and they've been married since 2018, still dancing whenever there's a good band/music around. When they're not out and about in St Louis for music, they love to travel and have been to all 7 continents.

She's always been into fitness of some sort or another, and loves learning new things. In the past 10 years she's learned how to make stained glass, hula hoops and has experimented with cooking in different cuisines. More recently she has been taking music lessons and is relearning how to crochet.

Her favorite quote... She says that's a tough one so gave us a few.

"I do what I want." (matches a collar charm my Hazel kitty wears)

"I'd rather be your shot of whiskey than your cup of tea."

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

And of course we had to get the details on her health and fitness journey and how she stays so dedicated!

What originally brought you to Dragonfly ten years ago? A friend who lived near DFT heard about it and we joined together

What has kept you at DF for ten years?

Personal attention from the trainers, fun and smart sessions, always changing/variety of workouts, opportunities for additional skill workshops, fun events and celebrations, and meeting great women with similar "let's DO this!" goals

How has being a member of Dragonfly changed aspects of your life? I've never before had so much exposure to movement knowledge, safe alternatives, as well as nutrition. My nutrition knowledge has grown along with my movement knowledge. What motivates you to keep coming back to the gym year after year? I've been physically active since my twenties (not a HS athlete) before moving to St Louis. Then I just couldn't find a place I actually loved. I'd been to other gyms and joined a running group at work, but nothing was consistently luring me to workout. Once I started at Dragonfly, I knew I found my spot. This is where I wanna be. It's so fun! I now use equipment I'd never heard of before... Battle ropes? Medicine balls? Prowlers? And what's a TRX??

Besides that bit, I've met a lot of very cool women with no judging from anyone,

I'm consistent and loving it. Still even now.

What is the number one thing that helps you stick to your fitness routine? Getting one-on-one attention in class, like help with my form, encouragement to challenge myself (more reps or up that weight), and alternative movements to accommodate my needs. What advice would you give to members who are just starting with us? Whatever your goal, Dragonfly will make sure you get to where you want without hurting yourself. You can do it! What is your favorite part about being a member at Dragonfly? The good energy I feel whenever I walk in the door. What's one thing you're proud of from the past 10 years? Consistency.

For the past ten years, Dannette has been a bright light at Dragonfly. One of our biggest fans. She's always been so welcoming to everyone, always cheering others on and always doing her very best. Dannette keeps us on our toes and she's always ready for the next challenge. Thanks a million for being here!

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