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5 Tips for Feeling Great Over Memorial Day Weekend

Updated: May 18, 2023

Everybody knows holiday weekends can be tough on your fitness routine. With all those BBQs and backyard get-togethers—or maybe you’re going on a special trip for the long weekend—your fitness and nutrition routines may be challenged.

But here are five ways you can feel great over Memorial Day weekend (or any weekend really!):

1. Don’t arrive at the BBQ hungry.

Memorial Day BBQ

Have a snack before heading out to parties where there will be a ton of food that may not make you feel great. (Yeah, I'm talking about the food you love LOL, me too.) That way, you’re less likely to overeat at the party, and you’re more likely to make smart decisions about what and how much you put on your plate. I always find that I feel so much better when I enjoy the things I love, but not so much of them! (Like some handfuls of chips instead of the whole bag!)

2. Get creative about keeping active.

A Dog Can Help You Stay Healthy over Memorial Day

I'm a big proponent of just moving and not stressing if it's not a full training session. Holiday weekends offer plenty of alternative ways to stay active. Chances are you’re going to be hanging out in the backyard at some point, so join in the Wiffle ball game the kids are playing, get a game of catch going, or take the resident dog for a stroll around the block. Maybe you’re headed for a pool party—throw on your suit and start a lively game in the pool! Just move. Don't get in your head about it.

3. Stay hydrated.

Drinks on Memorial Day

This means water. Between being outside and all the activities you’ll be participating in (see above), it’s easy to become dehydrated. And if you’re indulging in those summertime mixed drinks, too—alcohol dehydrates you even faster. So make sure to have a bottle of water on hand wherever you go! This is something I would say applies to every single day!

4. Come prepared.

A Lunch Spread on Memorial Day

Many parties over Memorial Day weekend are potlucks, which means you can’t always control the food that’ll be on offer. But you can control what you bring! If you want to make sure you have food that will give you energy and make you feel GOOD, then prepare a healthy snack to share or a lean protein to add to the grill. If you’ve been assigned dessert, make a giant bowl of fruit salad!

5. Aim for good, not perfect.

Sparklers on Memorial Day

You’ve probably heard a Dragonfly coach say this more than once. Because it’s so important! Do not let the fear of calories or not sticking to your regular training session keep you from having a fantastic holiday weekend! Perfection is the enemy of good, and remember—there’s always another meal, another day, another week.

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