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6 Tips for Mastering the Push-Up

A goal for a lot of our members is to be able to do a floor push-up. And we’re pretty pumped about that because push-ups are a fantastic full-body exercise you can do anywhere. They also demand a high level of relative strength.

Today, I wanted to share some tips to help you get stronger with your push-ups!

1. Set-up is everything.

Hands should be about shoulder width apart, fingers spread. Focus your eyes on your fingertips (or an imaginary line that runs through your fingertips). Keep your feet about shoulder width apart. (Bring them in to make your push-ups more challenging or take them out for more stability.)

2. Get tight!

Use tension to create more strength and power. Tighten your glutes and your quads.

3. Grip the ground with your hands.

This is especially helpful when you are pushing away from the floor. Imagine your are trying to tear a piece of paper in half with your hands.

4. Use your lats. 

Push your shoulders away from your ears and down into your back pocket.

5. Keep your elbows tucked.

This is more shoulder-friendly (and proper form). No chicken wings!

And last:

6. Practice, practice, practice!

If you want to get a strong push-up then you’ve gotta practice!

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