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6 Ways Dragonfly Fitness Will Empower You

Starting something new like group training can be scary. You never know who’s on the other side of the door when you walk in somewhere new. Will the instructor realize you’re a beginner? Or, that you’re not a beginner and  you’re ready to jump right in? Will they care that you have an injured shoulder? Will everyone be mean? Wait, where’s the exit again?!

I understand all those things. I’m not a naturally athletic person, so it’s really quite interesting that I landed here, right? Well, not quite. In fact, I’m here because of it.

All it took was for me to finally stop believing those things I was telling myself about not being able to do it. And once I did — magic! Of course, it’s natural that I would want to share that magic through Dragonfly!

If there’s one thing we hear consistently from women who contact us, it’s that they are afraid to start a new group training program. Maybe they’ve never done it before, maybe they’ve taken some time off, maybe they have a lot of self-doubt (like I did), or maybe they’ve had some bad experiences.

In any case, FEAR is getting in the way. So let’s address that fear head-on. But I’m not going to talk about all the ways fitness can be scary. Instead, I wanna talk about all the ways it can empower you — specifically here at Dragonfly!

1. You will be more than just a number.

We always strive to be more than just your average gym. From safe and optimal training, to contacting you when you miss class, to celebrating your milestones — we are invested in you. Basically, we want you to be AAAP (As Awesome As Possible)!

2. You’ll improve through personalized training.

At Dragonfly, you get more than just a “fitness class.” I’ve tried to stay away from the term “class” in the past, because we truly offer more than just group classes here. It’s really more personal than that. What does that mean?

Our coaches are actually watching your movements and correcting form, instead of doing the movements along with you. We also get specific and help you tailor movements to your needs whether you are a beginner, injured, or a more seasoned athlete. We work hard to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.

3. You’ll get a support group.

You’ll find a positive, inspiring community here — from coaches to members. You’ll get to know the women around you — they’ll cheer for you, and you’ll cheer for them. It’s so awesome to hear members complementing one another or helping each other through a workout. So many women have benefited not only from the personal attention they get here, but the awesome supportive community!

4. Your body isn’t the only thing that will get strong.

While we understand that strength training can be intimidating, we also want you to experience how great it feels to be strong! In other words: strong body, strong mind.

Strength training can help give you confidence in so many other areas of your life. The carry over is pretty amazing. And don’t worry — you won’t get bulky from strength training, but you will get strong! And you might even feel like a badass!

5. You’ll get a new healthy-living home base.

You will always have someone to answer your questions. Were you sick and had to miss a class? Have a question about nutrition? Wondering what classes you should take? Want to develop a stronger push-up? Have an injury and need a referral? We’re here.

We get to know each of our members, and we are here to support you however you may need it. We’ll always check in if you’ve missed class, and you’ll never be just a number here. We’re in it with you at Dragonfly.

6. You’ll learn your only competition is yourself.

You’ll find a friendly environment here where everyone is encouraged to do their best! It’s all about doing YOUR best, not what the person beside you is doing. Our members find that refreshing. There’s no need to compare yourself to others — just focus on being better everyday!

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