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Best advice you'll get all day. But it might make you mad.

There are a few things I feel incredibly strong about. Like deep down to my core.

This is one of them.

Play along...who do you blame when...

  • You're late

  • You skipped your training

  • You ate poorly

  • Your business sucks or you didn't get a promotion at work

Is it you or is it someone or something else?

Take responsibility for your life. Stop blaming others.

You might say but, but, but...and I'm here to tell you that won't cut it.

Yes this is hard. But it is also one of the most freeing things.

Here's why.

When you blame others, you give all your power to them…and you give up your power to change. You get stuck. Now why would you do that?

Do you think if my business is failing I'm just gonna stand by and blame my employees, the economy or the world? Hell no. That's on me and I'm gonna do everything I can.

Please remember that if you don’t feel like a part of the problem, then you won’t be a part of the solution.

RESPONSIBILITY gives you power. Power to change. Power for good. Power to move through life in a whole new way.

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