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How to Happy Hour (A Little Better)

We all know booze is bad for body composition… And if you didn’t … uh, really sorry to break it to you like that! But don’t worry. We understand you may have a drink (or three) in spite of this. Hey, you’re only human! We just want to arm you with knowledge!

Here are some quick tips for making a little better choices when you drink:

1. Drink early.

Huh? As you may already know, alcohol has a negative effect on sleep. Even if you fall asleep quickly, once that alcohol is metabolized, it’s going to mess with your sleep pattern and body systems all night long.

This means if you are going to drink, it’s best to try to leave as much time as possible between the last drink and bedtime.

2. Drink classics or straight.

Many liquors are served with mixers to make them more delicious. Unfortunately, those mixers are usually sugar-filled. So you may want to think twice before indulging in fun drinks like margaritas, mint juleps,  flavored martinis and daiquiris. Now we aren’t really calorie counters around here, but some of these drinks can come in at more than 500 calories. Yikes! (However, if you are making your own you can probably do it in less than that!)

Instead of the sugary drinks, stick to the classics like Manhattans, Original Martinis or Old Fashioneds. Or order your liquor neat or on the rocks. You could also mix with a zero calorie mixer like a Coke Zero.

Now if you aren’t that experienced of a drinker and are looking for a beer with taste that also has fewer calories…try Guinness. A 12 ounce serving of Guinness has 125 calories.

3. Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have.

This will not only slow you down, but could save you in the morning. It’s just a good idea, especially if you’ve got a long day or night ahead of you.

If you are working hard on changing your body composition, we suggest limiting your alcohol intake. (You already knew that though right?) However, for those times when happy hour is a calling (and we get it!)…try these tips and maybe, just maybe, we will see you in that Saturday morning class after all? 😉

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