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My Favorite Time Management Plan

I love using time blocking to stay organized and on task! It does require some planning in advance though.

Set aside 30 minutes – 1 hour on Friday or Monday morning to plan your week with time blocks.  Make it an enjoyable time with music or coffee.  Shut email and your phone off.

Some ideas for time blocks:

  1. Priority Blocks (Projects that require more thought and that are important to overall goals, either career or personal.)

  2. Training Session Blocks

  3. Eating Blocks

  4. Personal Growth Blocks (Learning)

  5. Email/Voicemail Blocks

  6. Meeting Blocks

  7. Personal Time Blocks (Time for you)

  8. Tasks Blocks (Daily, less thought intensive items that, if grouped together, take 30 mins – 1 hr.)

Tips for Utilizing Time Blocking

  1. Schedule the most important priorities early in the week to ensure that you get a few done no matter what. And, consider doing the hardest or least enjoyable important tasks first (eat the frog).

  2. Strive for 1-3 meaningful things in a day. It’s often hard to accomplish more than that.

  3. Only do that thing in your time block. No Facebook or email.

  4. Schedule certain times for checking email. For example, at 10am and 4:30pm. Highly recommended to not check it all day long.

Following your time block should ensure that you are in charge of your schedule and getting everything done in a timely manner.

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