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Non-Scale Victories

If you are a member at Dragonfly you met with one of the Coaches or staff members before you started, and I’m pretty sure we chatted about your fitness goals.  As one of the Coaches at Dragonfly, I have met with a lot of ladies and can tell you that there’s a substantial number of folks that list losing weight as a motivator for joining the gym. Keeping an eye on your weight isn’t a bad thing and well, scales are everywhere (including hotel rooms at those all inclusive vacation spots!) and it’s easy to just hop on and see what it says.

But let me tell you, the number on the scale is a number. It doesn’t define you, your self-worth, or how hard you work.

Here are some other really cool ways to celebrate your health and fitness related victories that don’t have diddly to do with the scale.

  1. Feeling more confident. Confidence in the gym totally translates to other areas like work – maybe you go for that promotion that you’ve been wanting.

  2. The way your clothes fit, you stand up a little taller.

  3. Maybe you’ve increased your reps or gone up in weight in your Lift classes. Those 6 week cycles are great for tracking progress!

  4. Feeling stronger overall outside of the gym…like you can carry ALL the bags of mulch or shovel all the snow without getting as winded.

  5. You actually ENJOY working out! In fact, you might even miss it when you can’t make it in. 🙂

Here are some real life examples from Dragonfly members!

“Before joining here, I would rarely go to the gym and always hated it when I did, or had no idea what to do. But here I love working out for the first time in my life! I feel so much better and stronger! I’ve seen a significant improvement in my own strength and fitness level in just a few months and it’s really cool!” -Karly

“My mobility, energy and stamina have improved tremendously, and I am able to do things now, at the age of 60, that I couldn’t do in my 40s. I’m most proud of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things beyond training: yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, participating in partner and team events, and even an upcoming individual weight lifting challenge! I had never even thought about lifting weights before, and now it’s one of the things I enjoy most. I love that it has enabled me to carry groceries and household items effortlessly, and even rearrange the furniture by myself when the mood strikes!” -Robin

“I didn’t expect it to affect my mental health the way it has. Exercise has been a way to clear out the anxiety and depression of every day life for me. It’s also giving me loads more confidence and empowerment. I find myself being stronger emotionally in addition to being physically stronger. I assert myself more, I stand up for myself more. And it’s made me love my body so so so much more because I’m proud of all the stuff I can do with it!” – Rissa

“My personal fitness level has drastically improved, with small changes like increased flexibility, to big changes like more energy during workouts and way more strength.” -Madi

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