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Some Good Advice

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

So, you clicked! Now, don’t get mad at me. Remember, just keeping it real. It applies to me and it applies to you. It made me LOL, but it’s a reminder to keep yourself in check and to look inside when it seems as if everyone and everything is against you.

This is from Tools of Titans. I think it gives us something to think about. I highlighted the two sentences, but I also like the start of the paragraph. “People are nicer than they look, but you have to go first.”

It’s important to remember that we can project our own feelings onto the world. So when I’m having a less-than-awesome day and dealing with less-than-awesome peeps, I like to ask myself…IS IT ME? 🙂 Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Either way, having that self-awareness can help me push through and potentially change the course of the day.

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