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If it costs your health, freedom or joy, then it’s not worth it.

More money does not need to be the only end goal for anyone’s career. I am not saying financial goals are not important, but I became a little miserable in the past because I was always trading my time, energy and happiness for money.

Sometimes so I could pay the rent.

And sometimes just because I thought that’s what growth and success needed to look like.

But when I really sat down and decided what was truly important to me...things changed. Things like more freedom, more peace, providing more value, the ability to sleep more at night, better health… These are more important.

And this has been a better place to mentally work from for me.

Of course it’s easier to live this when in a good place financially, but I could have used this advice five years ago and possibly made some better decisions for my own well-being.

Because what I've recently learned...there are some things you can't undo. I got really burned out over and over again. And there's no amount of money or even time off that can fix that sometimes.

Just remember… It might seem fine at first, but if it costs you your health, freedom, joy or peace…it won’t be worth it. Promise.

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