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What the heck do I do with protein powder?

So, you’ve gone and bought yourself some protein powder.

But now you’re thinking: What exactly am I supposed to do with this?!

Well, let me tell you!

Protein Powder is a Supplement

I believe in eating real food as much as possible, but there are times when a supplement can come in handy. However, it isn’t something you will necessarily need every day, so use it as your back-up plan.

Back-up plan, not everyday meal replacement – got it?

So, how do I know if I need protein powder?

You need it if …

  1. You aren’t getting enough protein in your meals

  2. You aren’t quite ready for breakfast first thing in the morning but find yourself starving by 10 a.m.

  3. Time constraints are delaying your meals

  4. You’re always craving sweets

Luckily, protein powder is a quick fix for all of the above problems. How? Read on …

The Solutions:

  1. If you feel you aren’t getting enough protein in your diet, then supplement with a protein shake as you keep working on adding protein to your diet naturally. Most protein powders will provide 20-25 grams of protein per serving. That’s significant!

  2. If you aren’t ready for breakfast first thing when you wake up but find yourself starving mid-morning, try a protein shake for breakfast. Lots of ladies I’ve worked with start with a protein super shake (see recipe below) in the morning. It keeps them full and feeling great until they’re ready for the next meal.

  3. If you know you aren’t going to have time for a meal, a quick protein shake is the answer. Maybe you’re going to be on the road, or maybe you have to run errands after your workout and won’t be able to eat for a few hours. In this instance, a protein shake is super easy. Before you leave the house, pack some water and your shaker with the protein powder. Pro tip: If you have a way to keep it cold, almond or coconut milk makes a tastier shake than water!

  4. If you’re craving a sweet treat, protein powder makes a guilt-free treat. Yes, that’s right! One of my favorite tricks is to add about half a serving of protein powder to cottage cheese along with a serving of almond or peanut butter. It’s a protein-packed and satisfying treat! You could also make a nice thick protein shake with a little fruit to satisfy that sweet tooth, or try out our pancake and ice cream recipes below!


Make a Supershake with Protein Powder


  1. Ice (the more you add, the thicker the shake will be)

  2. 1 banana or a handful of strawberries or blueberries (or your favorite fruit!) — using frozen fruit makes the shake thicker, too

  3. Spinach (you’ll hardly taste it — I promise)

  4. Protein powder of your choice

  5. A serving of nuts or nut butter or seeds (like flax or hemp)

  6. Your liquid of choice (I think an unsweetened milk alternative tastes best, like almond or coconut)

Directions: Throw everything into a blender. Once blended, you can top it off with some cinnamon, dark-chocolate flakes, or coconut flakes!

Make Protein Powder Pancakes

I love these. They’re so delicious!


  1. 2 Tbsp almond flour

  2. 2 Tbsp cottage cheese

  3. 2 eggs

  4. 1 Tbsp almond butter

  5. 1 banana

  6. 1 serving of protein powder

Directions: Mix everything together in the blender, cook as you would normal pancakes, and enjoy!

Make Banana Ice Cream with Protein Powder

This is an easy recipe Missy recently shared — but she didn’t remember to bring us any to taste!


  1. 2 frozen bananas

  2. 3/4 scoop of protein powder

  3. 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (more may be needed)

  4. 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Directions: Blend it all in a food processor, adding a little more almond milk as needed to create a creamy texture (mine was very crumbly at first).

Freeze it until it firms up. It gets pretty hard if left in the freezer, so you’ll need to let it thaw a bit before enjoying!

So there you go!  I hope you’re full of ideas for using protein powder now!

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