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What to Expect in TRX Class

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

By Annie, Friend and Former Team Member

Let’s start at the beginning:

What the heck is TRX?

It turns out TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It’s a type of training that utilizes suspension to develop strength with body weight.

If you’re thinking, Huh? you’re right about where I was when I showed up for my first class!

My First Class

Now, I’d seen a few TRX classes in progress before, and it made those ladies look like pro acrobats warming up for a big show, so when I finally signed up for a class, I arrived incredibly nervous (though I’d been assured several times that beginners were welcome in TRX).

It didn’t take long for the nerves to wear off, though, because TRX is FUN. Here are a few things to expect:

Dragonfly TRX Class Doing Pushups

1. You really can jump right in as a beginner.

I was skeptical upon arrival, but it’s true: each movement can be made easier or harder, usually just by a simple adjustment in position. And the coaches always gave us a range of options and directions for making every movement more or less challenging.

2. You might feel awkward.

TRX is tons of fun—like getting a great workout in on the playground—but it took me a few movements to shake the feeling that I was doing every move wrong. It’s not every day you hang from straps attached to the ceiling to work your core, so you might feel silly at first, unsure whether you’re doing the movements right. But at Dragonfly, a coach is always right there to help! I don’t know how many times I asked Deb, “Am I doing this right?”

Dragonfly Member Does TRX Rows

3. A lot of moves will be familiar.

You’ll recognize a lot of TRX moves from other classes—like squats, lunges, and rows. But they’ll feel completely new when you learn to do them with the TRX straps!

4. It’s a serious workout.

Sure, you might occasionally feel like you’re revisiting the monkey bars or playing Spider-Man, but make no mistake about it: TRX will get your muscles burning and you heart rate hopping! What else would you expect from an exercise developed by the Navy SEALS?!

Women Doing TRX Mountain Climbers

5. You’ll want to come back!

Don’t let the intense origins of TRX stop you from trying out this unique form of strength training! There’s a reason it’s incredibly popular, and you just need to come see why for yourself!

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