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Feel better!

Been sick? Under the weather? Me too. Man it hit me hard- to the point where all I wanted to do all day was lay down and exert zero energy or effort. But finally yesterday, I decided things have got to move. I took my girls outside and we played. (Aka they played, I sat and watched- but I moved outside to fresh air and moving outside involved moving so it counts, right?)

To my surprise- I slept better! Duh! Of course I did! I moved more, got outside in the sunshine, and changed my scenery. So I woke up this morning, felt more energized, and decided today was the day. Today was the day I was going to attempt a workout.

Was it anything spectacular? Absolutely not. Instead, I did most of my movements on the floor where I got to lay down. Ha. But I moved. I worked my triceps, biceps, back, and some core movements. I only used a band that I had at my house- no weights. I reconnected my brain to some parts of my body that I have been letting just lay and not be bothered. It felt great. Tomorrow, I hope to do it again. Maybe I’ll feel a little more normal! Maybe not, but what I do know is that you’ve got to start somewhere when it comes to getting normal life back after being sick. So here’s me, doing a lot of floor movements, willing my body to move because I know it will make me feel better; more normal.

If you’re in the same boat as me and your couch or bed is dented a little more than normal, may I suggest a light walk? A sit outside? A stretch session on the floor? A body weight session? If you're back at the gym tell your coach about what’s going on and we'll do some major modifications for ya. Whatever you pick- I hope it helps you feel more you!

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