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Top 6 Mistakes You’re Making with Weights

If you’re making it to the gym each week for lift class, you’ve won half the battle! But there are things you need to keep in mind while you’re in the studio, too.

Here are the top 6 mistakes you’re making while weight training! There’s a good chance you’ve heard our trainers mention these once or twice (or a hundred) times…

1. Not Warming Up

You’ll notice we do this in every Dragonfly class. And there’s a reason. Not only does a warm-up prepare your body for the workout to come, it also increases blood flow to your muscles and helps prevent injuries. Getting your body moving before lifting will also help get your heart rate going, which will contribute to a stronger, more effective session. So getting to the studio on time is very important so you don’t miss any of the warm-up!

2. Lifting Too Much

Even if you’re super excited to jump into the world of weight training, you need to go slowly and respect the limits of your body. In the beginning, many people find that bodyweight exercises are heavy enough to see changes in their body.

The biggest risk associated with trying to lift too much too quickly is, of course, injury. But you’ll also find yourself fatiguing quickly, and your form will suffer, which will have a drastic effect on your results. (See #4.)

As you progress in weight training, your body will adapt. That means you need to continue adding more weight to continue progressing.

While you may struggle at first with bodyweight exercises, as your body grows stronger, you’ll need to add weight to continue to challenge yourself. Of course, it needs to be a reasonable, smart progression—which is where our trainers come in!

4. Not Checking Form

This is one you’ve definitely heard our trainers say. At any point in a lift class, you might hear reminders like, “Keep your head up,” or “Lock that elbow out.” But why is it so important to have proper form?

Aside from being critical to avoiding injury, having proper form will ensure you’re working the right muscles—which is the key to seeing results. If you’re not working the right muscles, you’re not going to see that progress! That’s why our group training classes place so much emphasis on form!

5. Not Eating Enough

It’s no secret that people trying to lose weight are likely to cut back on calories and unhealthy food. But too often, we see this translate to people eating too little altogether. When you’re on a robust workout schedule, including weight training, you need fuel.

Skipping meals to supplement your workout will actually have the opposite effect—you’ll feel fatigued and may even experience low blood sugar and dizziness. If it’s desperate enough for energy, your body may even begin to burn that muscle you’re trying so hard to build. And don’t forget to refuel after lifting! Protein is a great way to replenish and help rebuild your muscles after a great lift class.

6. Not Accepting Modifications Where Needed

When our trainers suggest modifications to more advanced exercises, they aren’t suggesting anyone in the class is weak or unskilled in a particular area. Every single body is different, and that means some are more able to complete certain movements than others. Even our trainers use modifications for certain exercises!

When you let pride get in the way, refuse a modification that you actually need, and push ahead with the original version, there’s a good chance you’re not completing it correctly. In addition to risking injury, you won’t actually be getting the benefit of the exercise. And that means poorer results. In this case, doing the modification will actually give you better results!


So, there are the top 6 mistakes we see people making in weight training. Have you been guilty of any of these? Or are there others you’ve learned to overcome? Please share with us!

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