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10 Years of Dragonfly: Meet Maddie

This year we are so honored to have FOUR women hit a huge milestone with us! They celebrate their 10 year anniversary at Dragonfly!

We want you to meet them all - Maddie is up next!

Here's a little more about Maddie in her own words.

I was born and raised in Italy. I moved to the US about 20 years ago, and have been in St. Louis for the last 18. I work for The London Stock Exchange Group as a business analyst. 

I have always played sports, soccer – football I’d say :) - and tennis. I thought going to a gym was a smart way to meet new people in a new town while doing something I enjoyed.

Over time I joined all the workout places in a 10 mile radius from my place in the Princeton Heights neighborhood, but for one reason or another – mainly lack of attention, boring and repetitive workouts, very far from my place, nobody knew my name - it never worked out for me.

One summer day, I came across a FB post by this lovely lady named Renah that advertised some early morning fitness classes at Francis and Carondelet Park. It was July 2013. It all started with a yoga mat, a couple of kettlebells, a medicine ball. The rest is history. 

I can definitely say the people have kept me at Dragonfly. All the coaches throughout the years...special mention to Denise and Julia, super-duper mention to Missy who patiently puts up with me, “nailed it, my friend, nailed it!” The members, some became very good friends of mine; the sense of community and the workout style – all women, small early morning classes, attention to all members ‘needs.

I’m a routine person, going to the gym 4-5 times per week kept me motivated even when I questioned myself about moving 10,000 miles away from home.

I highly value the physical and mental health benefits of working out in a fun, enjoyable, consistent environment. Gotta love those endorphins. Working out at DFT has improved my sleep and significantly reduced stress and anxiety, especially in the last couple of years, when life hit me hard. I’m stronger now in my mid 50s than I ever was. Strength training has grown on me, and even if I still love a good CardioStrong class, I see now all its benefits.

DFT has also taught me that working out is for everyone. Fitness and health are not about the outer appearance, it’s about striving to be better than you were yesterday.

For the past ten years, it's been an honor to have Maddie as a member! She's been consistently working hard and challenging herself (and us if we get outta line)! Maddie is a funny and kind soul to have in your corner and we're so glad she's here!

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