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February Member of the Month

Congratulations to February Member of the Month, Marcy!

Marcy was nominated by Coach Jenny for February Member of the Month!

Coach Jenny says, "Marcy is focused, works hard to improve, asks questions and is always a fun addition to class! Congratulations Marcy, woop woop!"  

Here's a little more about Marcy...

What separates your experience at Dragonfly from other things you've tried in the past? The supportive environment and the fact that everyone is giving each workout their best, which creates a perfect atmosphere for doing my best too. I feel very accepted here, which is refreshing and awesome.

What motivates you to be consistent with your training?  The shenanigans on Wednesday night, LOL! Seriously though, the consistency & support of the trainers who provide a modification when needed or encouragement to challenge myself, all while respecting whatever limitations my body has given me. 

What's something you're proud of? All the time, I see ways that I’m becoming someone my younger self wanted to be! 

Thanks for being such an awesome member Marcy!

Each month Dragonfly coaches nominate members who are standing out, overcoming obstacles, and giving it their all. It’s always a hard choice to decide upon one!

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