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January Member of the Month

Congratulations to January Member of the Month, Betha!

Betha was nominated by Coach Denise for January Member of the Month! Coach Denise says that Betha is very welcoming and encouraging to all her fellow members. She makes those early morning classes fun and is a vocal cheerleader on the Prowler!

Betha works hard, is on time and is very accepting of coaching and tips!

Here's a little more about Betha...

What brought you to Dragonfly? I started strength training in high school to make me less prone to injury as a track and field athlete, and until the pandemic had regularly worked out in both group and personal training settings alongside exercising independently. As I was emerging from the Covid cave we had all been living in, I recognized that while I worked out daily, I was missing the rigor and challenge that training with a professional could provide. Thankfully, a Dragonfly member had a fellowship to work with me at Washington University, and she really talked up Dragonfly as a transformative experience. She’s also VERY convincing, so I pretty much signed up immediately—and am SO glad I did.

What separates your experience at Dragonfly from other things you've tried in the past? Oh, wow, so many things put Dragonfly rungs ahead of anywhere I’ve ever worked out before. First of all, I’ve worked out in strength training groups with women before, but always at gyms where the men outnumbered the women. It’s such a different experience working out in a women’s gym. It’s a very supportive atmosphere, particularly when the prowler is involved. I can roll out of bed and look like a schlub and no one notices. Most importantly, no one every tells me that I’m so much prettier when I smile (ugh).


Also, after training at Dragonfly for a year, I deeply appreciate both the meticulous thought that goes into the program, and the INCREDIBLE coaching I’ve received. In the past I often felt that my workouts were being put together on the fly, instead of considering the full trajectory of workouts that would allow me to successively build my fitness. In addition, when I arrived at Dragonfly I learned that I had been taught to do so many things incorrectly, or at minimum was just allowed to do a bunch of things wrong! Through very constructive criticism and encouragement, I’ve finally learned how to properly swing a kettlebell, to row, and fixed a whole assortment of other form-related issues that had been previously overlooked. I really could not be more grateful!

Is there anything that strength training has taught you or given you that you weren't expecting? When I arrived at Dragonfly in fall 2022, I was still reeling from a truly disastrous experience with a shattered arm that required major reconstruction and came with lots of other unexpected complications. And while I’d worked hard in physical therapy and in my home gym to build up my strength, I truly thought there might be some things I couldn’t do or limits that I would reach but couldn’t ever transcend. Dragonfly and the amazing coaches have restored my confidence in what my body is capable of doing—even one-armed planks with my “bionic” arm! This year, I’m hoping extend that arm’s capabilities and do floor pushups! I have a feeling that with the support of the Dragonfly coaches and my fellow women athletes that I’ll be able to make that happen!

Thanks for being an inspiration and awesome member Betha!

Each month Dragonfly coaches nominate members who are standing out, overcoming obstacles, and giving it their all. It’s always a hard choice to decide upon one!

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