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Corn Salad

Have you ever been in the middle of cooking dinner and realized you didn't buy/thought you had whatever component.....but didn't?

We always have a stash of frozen broccoli in our house. It's the go-to quick and easy veg that my husband and I both like and it can be cooked quickly and in a few different ways.

We must have forgotten to add it to the list and found ourselves whipping up dinner late one night and we had zero veg in the house. Making a mad dash to the store was gonna take too long.

I started digging through the cabinet and found a can of fire roasted corn that we buy to use in a black bean salsa. We also had about a dozen cherry tomatoes left that a member brought me from her garden (Thanks, Margie!).

Canned corn, sliced cherry tomatoes, a little salt & pepper, and a squeeze of lime juice - a simple and delish little salad was made. This would be yummy with some grilled corn right off the cob but even with canned corn, it makes a great "how do we not have any broccoli?!" side dish!

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