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Date Night Idea

Celebrating and sharing in your spouse/significant other's hobbies is important!! For me, this is golf. My husband loves golf so much. He’s always wanting to be out there on the course or driving range. For me, I could care less about golf. But I care a lot for this man, so how do I celebrate his hobby?

I go on a golf cart date and watch him play 9 holes! I get to sit in a golf cart with a High Noon (when I’m not pregnant), watch him, encourage his drives, golf clap when he makes a putt, and giggle silently to myself when he bogies. (Look at me with all my golf-lingo knowledge!)

Then we go out to dinner of my choice! Great date night!

Does golf interest me? Hardly. But knowing and loving my husband and his hobbies does. And that’s important to our marriage. So I encourage you to celebrate your person’s interests (and put this little post in their eyesight so they can also celebrate yours as well!).

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