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Fresh Salsa

It’s the end of summer and it is time to make my fresh salsa . I have had a great vegetable garden this year. My bounty of tomatoes and jalapeño peppers was plenty. But, even if you do not have a home garden, you can get all these ingredients at a farmers market or a grocery store. You can use salsa for the usual tortilla chips or use it to serve with fish or taco bowls or any Tex-Mex meal. It is delicious.

The ingredients:

  • About four juicy tomatoes

  • Two jalapeño peppers

  • Two limes juiced

  • About a quarter cup of mild onion

  • And a quarter cup of cilantro

  • A sprinkling of salt

It’s a very loose recipe, and I usually taste as I go and add more lime and salt to taste.

Enjoy 😋

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