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How You Feel Is A Lie

By: Michele Dumoulin

I once had a coach who introduced me to this phrase that has always stuck with me. He used to say, 'How you feel is a lie'. Sounds bizarre at first, but stay with me.

Sometimes our brains will tell us one thing, when the reality of our bodies is completely different. We've all heard that what differentiates incredible athletes is often just the mental part of the sport...being able to push beyond what our brains THINK is possible, to achieve what our body is actually capable of.

While we regular folks may not be trying to set a new world record, it's still a great strategy for getting moving!

On days when I think I just feel way too tired to work out, I tell myself--how you feel is a lie. Let's just start for 10 minutes and see what happens. 99.9999% of the time, I actually feel fine and it was just a mental obstacle I needed to overcome!

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