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Member Spotlight: Sarah DeLong

We’re spotlighting Sarah DeLong!

Sarah is coming up on her 4th year with us, and we loved hearing about her pets and her travels! Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

I grew up in a small town in Illinois and found myself in Saint Louis as an undergrad nursing student at SLU. I came to love St. Louis and 10 years later I am still here. My fiancé and I live in Tower Grove with our two cats (Luna & Lily) and dog (Sasquatch), who we foster failed from Stray Rescue at the beginning of the pandemic.

We love being in the city and the many activities and restaurants it has to offer. You can often find us in the park walking our dog, going to the Farmers Market, eating along South Grand and the many other activities in the park. We enjoy exploring the food scene in St. Louis and trying all the new restaurants that pop up. We also enjoy traveling in our spare time. One of our last big trips was Maui and our next trip we have planned is Bali!

I joined Dragonfly about 4 years ago. I have tried many different workout routines/gyms, and nothing ever stuck. I had driven by Dragonfly for a while and decided to give it a chance and here I am still. I’ve spent much of the last 4 years in school, first my masters and then my doctorate. Going to Dragonfly was one of the most consistent things I did for myself during this time and helped to prioritize my mental and physical health, while working as a nurse and in school.

The trainers at Dragonfly are invested in you and your progress, which is one of the main differences I have found to other gyms I have joined in the past.

I work as a Certified Nurse Midwife at a local hospital. I often discuss the importance of being active and moving your body, especially during pregnancy. Dragonfly offers a safe, supportive environment to practice what I preach. Being in healthcare has obviously been extremely challenging and stressful over the last several years. Having a consistent place to be able to work out that prioritized our well-being over the past couple years has been huge.

Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

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