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Plan Your Meals

Plan some meals! It’s advice that’s been around for ages but it’s real and it works! I love going to the grocery store, but I don’t love it when it’s more than 1-2x a week. Nothing worse than having to run to Schnucks at 4:45 because you don’t have a vital ingredient for dinner, in my opinion.

So this has been my game changing habit: write up my dinners for the week and write a list that comprises of everything I’ll need.

I save money because I can get almost all of my ingredients at cheaper and bulk stores instead of convenient ones and I don’t have to struggle-bus-think at 4:30 every day about what to make. I like to scroll through Pinterest for maybe a new idea each week but mainly it’s things that I can cook up in 30 minutes without much thought.

It takes a little bit of time and energy to create and plan this but it saves me every week, especially on Wednesdays when I’ve cooked 4 nights in a row and I have no energy left to be creative.

Here’s to saving money and saving some mental space for other things that may be more fun than figuring out what to eat for dinner every night for the rest of our lives!

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