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The Planned Indulgence

Let’s add some [insert dessert here] to your week.

It’s true, I said something like that to one of my nutrition coaching clients. And you may be thinking, "Heck yes! Let me in on that kinda nutrition coaching!" But also wondering why I would do that and actually admit that to you.

Well, it’s a little something called a planned indulgence. So many times women go on “diets” and swear off their most loved foods. And then…they carry that around until it breaks them. The thought of never having chocolate cake ever again, well, it makes us really want chocolate cake and anything even remotely similar!

To succeed in this whole healthy eating thing you have to find a way to still include some of your favorite not-so-healthy foods alongside all the health-giving foods. Being perfect isn’t necessary for many of us, plus it’s no fun. You cannot go through your life with deprivation. You also cannot eat all the junk things all the time if you wanna be healthy.

That’s where this planned indulgence comes in creating some balance.

Here’s how we start. Take a look at your week. What social or special events are coming up? What will you be doing? Consider times when you know you will want to splurge a little and plan for it. That means don’t let any cookies or beer fall into your mouth during other times because you know that you’re gonna on Friday night and Saturday for lunch. You have a wedding or a birthday party? Please have the cake and enjoy it. Just plan for it! And keep your planned indulgences in moderation with small portions – don’t use it as an excuse as a free-for-all (Renah said I could…LOL).

When you do indulge… eat slowly and mindfully and savor all the bites or sips. You’ll enjoy it and appreciate it more! It will also help with that moderation.

Now, be aware that these planned indulgences will slow down weight loss some; however, they could be the key to ensuring that you reach your goal! Play the long game here!

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