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We must keep doing the hard things.

I've been "in charge" for 11 years and even before that, I ran with a lot of my own ideas in my career.

So for me it's hard to walk into a place and not know what to do.

Like when I started volunteering at the shelter last year. I was constantly asking for help.

I did Reiki training last year. Completely new, no clue. Totally enjoyed the training, the learning and the camaraderie of the group.

And it's hard to start something new when the old is more comfortable.

Working on workshops and programs to help other coaches...but I already run a gym so why put myself out there again with something new? Trying to achieve Sinister...why did I tell everyone...I could've kept on swinging without that huge goal!

The hard...causes emotions that I don't necessarily like. It would be easier to just not... Am I right?

But the more I do it, the easier it gets. And it's possible to feel the uncomfortable emotions and be happy/proud/grateful at the same time. Because I've done it before I know those uncomfortable feelings do go away.

Hard things usually have a big WHY for us. And moving through any resistance we may feel is going to be the price we pay for what we want and the difference we want to make in the world.

We must keep doing the hard things because it's in those moments that we step into our confidence and truly find our very best selves.

What's your hard thing and what will you do?

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