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What are the Saturday classes all about?

If you've looked at Saturday classes in Wodify and thought... "What the heck?" then read on, my friend!

Saturday classes at Dragonfly are typically more conditioning-style classes. They'll have some strength components, but will get your heart rate up too! Here are a few notes about the classes you might see offered on Saturdays.

Hurricanes: Each hurricane is nine short intense rounds (:30-­:45 secs or a set number of reps) done back-to-back with no break. They usually include two upper body/core exercises and a sprint (rowing or biking) repeated three times. There are a total of three hurricanes in a class.

TRX: TRX classes are a mix of core, upper body, and lower body movements usually for time instead of reps using only (or mostly) the TRX. There's a good mix of strength and conditioning that can be scaled to progress or modify based on experience.

Complex: A complex is a series of movements performed in a row in which the reps (or time) is completed before moving on to the next move and the weights used never leave your hands until all of the movements are complete. Typically we will use KB, DB, or BB in these workouts, but beginners can use bodyweight if needed. (An example: Do 5 squats + 5 presses + 5 lunges + 5 rows...then rest.)

There you have it! Let us know if you have any questions. Hope to see you in our Saturday classes!

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