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What should I do first; cardio or strength?

Recently I was asked, "What should I do first; cardio or strength?" That’s a good question and when I googled it, concrete answers came up from the Military sites, Men’s Health etc. But I thought Jonathon Ross from Ace Fitness said it best when he said, “it depends.”

Here is a general outline from his research:

Is better endurance performance (i.e., shorter times or better performance when running, competing in triathlons, etc.) your main goal?

CARDIO first

Is your main goal to get leaner or lose weight?


​Are you mostly concerned with improving strength?


Are you doing only upper-body strength training today?

EITHER one first

Are you doing lower-body strength training today?

STRENGTH first (Choose strength alone for serious strength goals.)

Do you have general fitness goals with no emphasis on strength or endurance?

YOUR CHOICE (Do the one you least enjoy first. You’ll ensure it gets done and you’ll do it when you are less fatigued.)

To get more details you can access his article: Cardio or Weight First? Cardio before vs. after Lifting

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