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60 Workout Challenge 2023

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Time for the 60 Workout Challenge again and we're stepping it up this year!

We are challenging you to do 50 Dragonfly workouts in the studio and 10 at-home workouts (at least 30 minutes per workout) from September 1st – December 31st (That’s roughly 3 workouts per week at the studio and a sprinkle of at-home workouts)… AND yes, of course, there will still be STICKERS! 😂 We want you to finish out the year strong!

There’s no cost to you… and for every member who completes the challenge we will donate $60 to one of our partner charities: Girls on the Run or CARE STL. You pick. PLUS, you’ll get a cool, exclusive challenge t-shirt! Priceless! There will also be giveaways along the way that you’ll be entered to win if you hit the monthly targets! (AND, OF COURSE we’re bringing back the sticker board!) 😀

Here are the details:

🏋️Get in a minimum of 50 workouts at Dragonfly from September 1st – December 31st. When you come in for your session stop by the front desk to get your sticker and place it on the Challenge Board. (All classes at DF will count towards your 50!) You may purchase additional classes on Wodify if needed to hit your 3 per week in studio. They are good for 30 days.

🏋️Check in at Dragonfly on Facebook a total of 4 times throughout the challenge (and one more time when you finish - more on that below). Make your post public so we can see it and include the hashtag #60workoutchallenge. This is a MUST in order to successfully complete the challenge and receive the reward! For example: Check-in during your first workout, when you complete 15 workouts, when you complete 30 workouts and when you complete 45!

🏋️Get in up to 10 workouts (at least 30 minutes per workout) at home from September 1st – December 31st. The next time you come to Dragonfly stop by the front desk to get your special “at home workout” sticker and place it on the Challenge Board. At-home workouts include at least 30 minutes of strength or conditioning at home, or done at another gym. While we would not typically think of an evening stroll as a workout, every workout does not need to be the hardest one ever either… We are using the honor system so use your best judgment. If it felt like a workout then it probably was! :)

🏋️Only one workout per day at Dragonfly or at home will count towards your goal. No doubling up workouts from home and Dragonfly on the same day.

🏋️You may count more Dragonfly workouts if you come to the studio more often…so 55 Dragonfly workouts and 5 at home is also a winner! However, you may not count more than 10 at-home workouts.

🏋️Members who complete all 60 workouts by December 31 will choose a charity for Dragonfly to donate the $60 to (Girls on the Run or CARE STL) and will receive an exclusive challenge t-shirt! (Shirts will be ordered after the challenge is complete and should be ready in mid-late January.)

🏋️When you complete your 60th workout: post a selfie, check-in at Dragonfly, and include the hashtag #Idid60. Make your post public so we can see it! (This is a MUST in order to successfully complete the challenge and receive the reward!)


UPDATE: We're adding a little something to help keep you on track...


If you're interested in being and having an Accountability Buddy for this challenge, fill out the form linked below and we will pair you up! Then it's up to you all to make the most of it, but here's a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Set goals and check-in with each other!

  • Do some "at-home" workouts together!

  • Sign up for the same classes!

  • Make it friendly competition!

  • Send encouraging notes!

Have any other ideas? Let me know!


NEW! Interested in a group nutrition coaching component to add to the 60 Workout Challenge? Join Renah and other members for nutrition guidance and accountability towards reaching goals that you set. (Note: This is not a meal plan.) Goal setting, optional weekly Zoom calls, FB group and Voxer access for questions M-F. Commit to Sept - Dec $150, or commit to one month as you go $50 per month. *This is a group program at a huge discount so we do need group interest to do it! :) If interested email First Zoom call: Wednesday, September 6th.

Important dates to keep in mind so you can plan accordingly (Subject to change):

🗓️Monday, Sept. 4 - Studio is closed

🦃Thursday, November 23: Studio is closed

🦃Friday, November 24: Limited Classes

❄️Saturday, December 2: Holiday Workout + Party at 9am

❄️Friday, December 22 through Monday, December 25: Studio is closed

Holiday schedule week of 12/25. A few class times won't be offered or will be switched to different times.

(Also, Rowvember will be back in November so more opportunities to get an "at-home workout" in!)

Click the button below to sign up!

(Accepting sign-ups through August 27th)

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