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March Member of the Month

Congrats to March Member of the Month, Amy!

Amy has really impressed all of the coaches with how solid and strong her movements have been looking lately! We are also so proud of her consistency and positive attitude! Now seemed like perfect time to call her out for her achievements because she is rockin’, which is why Coach Renah nominated her! We asked Amy some questions about her experience at Dragonfly and this is what she had to say: What brought you to Dragonfly?

Several really good friends of mine *raved* about Dragonfly and I knew I needed to get back to working out. Covid took a toll on me physically and mentally and from everything I had heard about DFT, I felt it would be a great place to land. And it’s been amazing! Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s in my neighborhood 😉 Does the Dragonfly community play a part in your gym experience?

Oh, absolutely! The sense of community is like nothing else. Every last member has such a positive attitude, is so warm, welcoming, and supportive. I feel like we all get better together! I really look forward to seeing the same people during classes, meeting new ones, and seeing my old friends, too. And! I can’t forget the puppies! Where else do you get to work out and then sometimes play with adoptable puppies from rescues Renah invites in??

Is there anything that strength training has taught you or given you that you weren’t expecting?

I have learned that I am way stronger than I ever thought I could be. It’s such a confidence booster! At 47 I am stronger than I ever have been. I also trust my body more, and feel more grateful for the things it can do. Plus, I have always had a bad lower back and it’s been almost magical the way the pain is almost gone and I owe it all to Dragonfly!

Thanks, Amy! We’re happy you’re here!

Amy was nominated by Coach Renah for Member of the Month! Each month Dragonfly coaches nominate members who are standing out, overcoming obstacles, and giving it their all. It’s always a hard choice to decide upon one!

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